Winter 2005 Volume 1, Number 1  

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• What Box is YOUR team stuck in?

• Cool Tool Highlight: Let ideas loose with online mind-mapping.

• Meet a colleague who ventures žBeyond the BoxÓ: Heidi Wormser of MagicBox Studio

Leadership at the Edge

Update on our peace and reconciliation work in Bogotá Colombia.

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What Box is YOUR Team Stuck In…and Why Should You Care?

Like the fish surrounded by everpresent water, we always think, feel and act from within a box of assumptions, perspectives and beliefs – and like the fish we just take that “box” for granted, unaware of it’s limiting impact. Without awareness of the frames of reference that define our boundaries, our choices of action remain stuck in territory that is safe, comfortable, and that prescribes to traditional rules and norms. The good news is that this enables us to be efficient and to survive. The bad news is that we get stuck in ruts that block creativity and sustained team performance.

What boxes does your team habitually get stuck in?

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Cool Tool: Let Ideas Loose With Online Mind Mapping

Do you remember how you were taught to begin writing a book report in the third grade? Yes, of course!  The first step is always to write your OUTLINE, right?  Roman numeral I and then A, B, and C… maybe with little 1. 2. and 3 or even a., b., c. if needed. The tricky part always seemed to be an uncanny ability to think in such a logical sequence.

No wonder I had so much trouble – our capacity for cognitive creativity doesn’t really happen that way at all…In reality it is a

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Meet a Colleague…

From time to time my leadership development work for a client requires real visual creativity in the creation of a brand image, publication of material, and so forth. When it does, I aways bring in Heidi Wormser of MagicBox Studio because she is so adept at venturing “beyond the box.”

Do you think of your work as “venturing beyond the box?”

Sometimes, but not always...

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